Chuan Yue De Cuisine 川悦首秀
Chuan Yue De Cuisine 川悦首秀

Welcome to Chuan Yue De Cuisine 川悦首秀! Where the bold and spicy flavors of Sichuan cuisine is brought to your table. The chefs are experts in the art of Sichuan cooking, and every dish is carefully crafted using only the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.

At Chuan Yue De restaurant, you will find a wide range of authentic Sichuan dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From fiery hotpots to aromatic stir-fries, they have something to suit all palates and spice levels.

One of their specialties is the famous Sichuan peppercorn, which we use to create our signature dishes like Mapo Tofu and Dancing Pole Chicken. Their chefs know just how to balance the heat and numbing effect of this unique spice, creating a flavor explosion that you won’t soon forget.

In addition to mouthwatering main courses, they also offer a range of appetizers, soups, and side dishes that perfectly complement the dishes. And to wash it all down, choose from a selection of teas and beverages that will help cool & cleanse your palate.

Come experience the bold and flavorful cuisine of Sichuan at Sunway Nexis. Chuan Yue De is committed to providing customers with an unforgettable dining experience that will keep them coming back for more.

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