DoDoFuk 多多福 茶餐厅
DoDoFuk 多多福 茶餐厅

🌟 Welcome to Do Do Fuk – where every bite is a flavor adventure! 🌈✨

At Do Do Fuk, we’re not just a restaurant; we’re a symphony of taste, a carnival of colors, and a party for your palate! 🎉 Dive into the heart of Kota Damansara and discover a world where fun meets flavor.

🍜 Our menu is a rollercoaster of delights – from slurp-worthy noodles to the heartwarming hug of Nasi Lemak, we’re here to turn your meal into a celebration! 🎊

Craving a sweet escape? 🧇 Our waffles are a dessert dream come true – crispy, fluffy, and topped with joy in every bite! 🍦🍭

Join us for a taste journey that’s anything but ordinary! 🚀✨

  • C-G-08
  • 03-6151 3721
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