Feruni Ceramiche Sdn. Bhd.
Feruni Ceramiche Sdn. Bhd.

Welcome to Feruni Ceramiche at Sunway Nexis, where every tile is not just a piece of ceramic but a true work of art. At Feruni, we transcend the conventional boundaries of tile selling to become purveyors of inspiration, transforming living and working spaces into magical experiences.

Who We Are: Meet Team Feruni, a collective of innovative and maverick artists and tile designers who embarked on a journey over a decade ago with a vision to redefine the tiling industry. Today, Feruni Ceramiche stands as one of the most respected brands in the field, celebrated for meticulous craftsmanship, relentless innovation, and a world-class customer experience.

Our Mission: We are not merely in the business of tiles; we are in the business of creating, designing, and curating artistic tiles that inspire. For us, selling tiles means selling art that fires imagination, enriches environments, and inspires people. Our commitment extends beyond the marketplace; we aim to create joyful and magical experiences not only for our customers but also for our own people.

Vision and Values: Vision: We aspire to be the world’s most disruptive tile maker and designer, transforming living and working spaces, inspiring customers, delivering joy to employees, and enriching communities.

Value Proposition: Feruni sells more than tiles; we sell art that fires imagination, enriches environments, and inspires people. In a market where tiles are often treated as commodities, we play by different rules, adding value, changing the game, and bringing inspiration to our customers.

Feruni DNA – Art. Beauty. Inspiration: Our brand DNA encapsulates the essence of our business. We are not manufacturers; we are artists. Our tiles are not just products; they are expressions of art, beauty, and inspiration. We make tile buying a joyful experience, and our purpose-driven approach focuses on delivering joy to our employees and uplifting communities around us.

Experience Feruni at Sunway Nexis: Explore our diverse collections, including i Shapes, Modular Sizes, and unique Design Concepts. Immerse yourself in the brands we showcase and witness the fusion of art, beauty, and inspiration in every tile.

Join us in revolutionizing the tile industry. Feruni Ceramiche – where tiles become art, and spaces become masterpieces.

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